Maintenance Service

Maintenance service.

With our services GoogleBing and other systems will really love your website. First of all we will prepare full website analyse and our professional project and product manager will provide you with the detailed step by step plan of your website optimization, front-end and back-end speed up, usage of cloud and other solutions to speed up website performance. UI/UX analyse will help you to understand your customer and rework your website exactly the way it works the best for you and your business.

With our maintenance service you will finally start working on your business growth and process building. We will do the rest technical job to make your business preview. High quality of a website will help you in your way to success.

Also You may try Our Premium maintenance service for $199/month only

$99.00 $79.00


Time is money

For sure your time is very valuable. We are sure you are able to spend it better way, rather then watching boring tutorials in web to find out why buttons stopped working on your pages after plugins update. 

Stop wasting thousands of dollars you may gain while we are doing all technical staff for your business. No more website redesigns each 3-5 years. We are updating it in a timely manner and keep it maintained and up to date. 

Start save and earn with us!

Time is money

24/7 Monitoring

Our system built to ping your website in a timely manner. We get the notification as soon as your website is down to resolve.

BackUps & Cloud solutions

Cloud based solutions for Front-end and Back-end optimization, SpeedUp, BackUp and best user experience on your WebSite.

Business/Product Analytics

Our experienced Project Manager, Business Analytic and Product Manager will prepare detailed recommendations for your business.

Website Optimization

Each user knows if he will spend his time and money on the website on the 1st seconds of a website usage. We will prepare this wow-effect for your website to get best leads. 

Detailed Reports

Each even small change will be visible on your project interface with the detailed report of a changes and optimizations done. You will surely see it is a big amount of work

Modern Technologies

Stop spending thousands each 3-5 years for website redesign. We are updating technologies for front-end and back-end solutions to keep your website up to date.